National Research University the Higher School of Economics, Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and the University of Texas at El Paso is holding the Second professional Olympiad for teachers of Mathematics as an international com

We are glad to inform teachers of Mathematics around the world are invited to take part in a professional teacher’s competition – The Second International Olympiad PROFI (hereinafter – Olympiad).

The purposes of the Olympiad are to reveal, support and encourage teachers having profound knowledge of the subject; create incentives for continuous growth of professional skills and as a result to raise quality of education of students; development of the professional community of teachers.

The Olympiad is held regularly since 2008 and it is an innovative way of developing professional skills of a teacher. The Olympiad gains popularly year by year. During eight years more than 24 thousand teachers of educational institutions tested their knowledge. About 7 thousand people from Russia and abroad became its participants in 2015. The Olympiad as a kind of competition of professional skills not only gives teachers an opportunity to determine their level, but also is a strong incentive to professional self-improvement.

The Olympiad is conducted via two rounds according to the following schedule:


1-й тур (заочный) –

2-й тур (очный) –
для победителей 1-го тура


Russian Language

September 11 till

October 16, 2016

October 29, 2016

English Language


November 6, 2016


Social Studies

November 13, 2016

Winners of the 1st round will be invited to participate in the 2nd round. Participants of the 1st round of the Olympiad will receive certificates of participation; will have an opportunity of the free training; will receive the credit for the short-term professional development (see Rules And Regulations Of the Olympiad). Winners of the 2nd round of Olympiad will be awarded a medal «The best teacher of Mathematics»; will be awarded special prizes; will receive the reference-recommendation of the organizing committee to raise qualification category.

To participate in the 1st round you need from September 11 till October 14 2016 to be registered on the website of the Olympiad, create your profile and conduct the website demonstration test; from September 11 till October 14, 2016 to come into your profile (after registration) and do the Olympiad tasks of the 1st (online) round.

To participate in the 2nd round the winners of the 1st round need on the appointed dates (see the table on the 1st page) to arrive at the place of the 2nd round which will be at the website after we will sum up the 1st round of Olympiad (It will be in the USA).

Analysis of tasks, announcement of results, summing up and award ceremony take place on a day of holding the 2nd round of Olympiad.

Participations in the Olympiad assumes participant’s anonymity a personal nickname.

Additional information about the Olympiad you can find on website Olympiad (http://test Address all questions by phones: +7 (342) 200-95-41, 200-95-42 or by e-mail:

Moreover you can contact the organizing committee of the Olympiad by their personal e-mail: Vasiliy Vedernikov: or to fill in a feedback form ”jivasite” at the website of the Olympiad.

We will be glad to see you at the event!

Organizational committee of the Second International Olympiad of Mathematics

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